December 7, 2017 - Michigan Head & Spine Institute Blog


Advancing treatment options for patients takes a great deal of innovation, energy and funding. Mick Perez-Cruet, M.D., neurosurgeon at MHSI, has begun sharing the results of his most recent research focused on the use of a device that uses stem cells as a way to regenerate intervertebral discs, which can degenerate and cause back pain as one ages.  Currently there is no biologic method to restore a degenerated disk.

Back pain has a very high price tag.  Direct and indirect costs associated with low back pain is estimated to be $50 to 100 billion annually in the United States.  These costs come from lost work days, with an average of loss of activity coming in around 297 million days – that work and personal activities.

In his presentation, Dr. Perez-Cruet explains the research, how it could ultimately reduce back pain, returning patients to daily functional activity based on the results of this research. “It’s now time to move the research to the next phase, and hopefully those who have the ability to financially support this effort, will to so,” he says.

Stem Cell Based Intervertebral Disc Regeneration