Screen Time – When to Take a Break

There’s no doubt that technology has changed our lives over the last decade. What was once an internet with minimal and amateur information has become the “internet of things”.   We now use Google for everything we need to know from recipes,...


Relieving Pain Through Nonsurgical Treatment

Pain — you know, the kind that feels like a burning sensation deep beneath the skin causing never-ending waves of aches and discomfort — has been experienced by nearly everyone at some point in their lives. Pain is real and although it’s felt...

Chiari Malformation

Adults Diagnosed with Chiari Malformation

In her early thirties, Amy experienced very bad and massive migraine headaches. At that time, she went to see a neurosurgeon and was diagnosed with Chiari I malformation. Amy was told she could have brain surgery, but it was an elective surgery. She...

Neck Pain

8 Tips to Reduce Neck Pain

Because two thirds of us will experience neck pain – we know it’s not fun! When the muscles, tendons and ligaments around the cervical spine or the upper spine and neck constrict from tension or activity it’s time to take assessment of your...

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