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For most, the idea of paying less for auto insurance is a very appealing notion. But is it still appealing if you are involved in an auto accident and are unable to receive medical treatment and rehabilitation to restore your quality of life or be personally financially responsible for your medical care?

On May 25, 2019, the Michigan Legislature passed sweeping changes to the Michigan No-Fault Insurance Law and the Michigan Insurance Code – known as the SB1. On June 4, 2019, the Michigan House and Senate passed the “trailer bill,” HB 4397 which made revisions and clarifications to SB1.  The bills were signed into law on June 11, 2019, effective immediately.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) was required coverage of the previous No Fault Insurance Law, regardless who was at fault. PIP offered potentially unlimited lifetime medical benefits. The new law gives those covered by auto insurance the option to choose the level of PIP coverage, or none at all, as a way to reduce costs by 10-45 %. It also removes non-driving factors such as gender, marital status, home ownership, education, occupation, zip codes and credit score into the rate calculations.

What This Means For You & Your Family…

  1. For the patients who are seriously injured in an auto accident, if they have not chosen additional PIP coverage, there will be caps on the amount of money that will be paid for their medical care under PIP.  The new law eliminates life-time medical care, unless you chose to pay for that coverage under PIP.
  2. Without selection of additional PIP coverage, the consumer can be sued and is financially at risk to pay for medical bills when an auto accident occurs, regardless of who was at fault for the accident. PIP covers medical care, rehabilitation, home care and attendants with catastrophic claims being paid by the Michigan Catastrophic Claim Association (MCCA).
  3. If a person/child lives in a home where no one has auto no-fault auto insurance, that person/child — if injured by a car — no longer gets lifetime medical benefits. Instead, the benefits are capped at $250,000 in something called the Assigned Claims Plan. One of these changes, as reported in the Detroit Free Presshas already created a medical financial crisis for one family.

MCCA would continue to be liable for catastrophic injury benefits payable under policies issued or renewed before July 2, 2020 and for policies after July 1, 2020 where drivers have opted to maintain unlimited No-Fault PIP medical benefits. Since the new law gives drivers the option of how much PIP coverage to carry, it’s possible regardless of who caused the accident you could be sued by the other party and become financially responsible for their expenses.

Effective July 1, 2020, the No-Fault law gives insurers the authorization to sell various types of no-fault PIP choice policies and opt-outs from PIP coverage that apply to allowable expense benefits. Drivers now will have the choice to select and pay for one of five No-Fault PIP medical benefit coverage levels:

  • $0 personal injury protection (a 100% savings on the PIP coverage but risks having no medical care as a result of an auto accident).
  • $50,000 of personal injury protection, plus $200,000 for immediate trauma care (a 45% savings for those who opt out of PIP).
  • $250,000 of personal injury protection (a 20% savings for those who opt out of PIP).
  • $500,000 of personal injury protection (a 10% savings for those who opt out of PIP).
  • Unlimited personal injury protection. (Insurers would be mandated to offer it.)

We are sharing this information with our patients for four reasons:

  1. There is still time to contact your elected officials to voice your educated opinion, concerns or suggestions. Click for a list of State Senators and State Representatives along with their contact information.
  2. To inform you that the way these bills are written, buying additional health care coverage to offset what was removed from the no-fault coverage is necessary to protect your medical care and financial assets should you or a child be in an auto accident, regardless of who is at fault.
  3. Under this new legislation, you may be sued and held financially liable for medical expenses, if you are held responsible for the accident and the person (s) involved in the accident should they reach the cap of their medical coverage.
  4. To make you aware it is a mistake to assume that your medical insurance will cover injuries from an auto accident. Be sure to talk with your health insurance company or employer representative about how to coordinate medical benefits with your auto insurance PIP coverage.

The changes to the Michigan No-Fault law are many, very complex to describe in this article and are not clearly understood by legislators or insurance companies. Yet, we believe these changes may severely impact our patients and their families who may be involved in an auto accident.

We are not lawyers and recognize the information presented in this article is subject to change. So, we’ve provided links to those who do practice auto law. Their legal insights may further address questions or guide you into selecting the proper PIP coverage for you and your family. Your insurance agent is able to provide you with costs for the level of coverage you choose, but you must decide the level of risk you can tolerate.

Other sources:

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Meet Ratnesh Mehra, DO, the newest member of the neurosurgical team at MHSI. Dr. Mehra specializes in minimally invasive, robotic, and endoscopic neurosurgery. He employs the latest techniques to achieve the best results for each patient, including those with severe scoliosis.

Dr. Mehra takes a global approach to every patient to ensure you receive the best treatment possible to improve your quality of life. You can learn more about Dr. Mehra’s background by visiting his webpage and viewing videos that explain who he is and what he does.

If you’ve been putting off dealing with back or neck pain, or arm pain that may be caused by neck problems, Dr. Mehra is accepting new patients. Call (877) 784-3667 or visit


The 10th Annual MINS (Minimally Invasive Neurosurgical Society) Meeting & Cadaver Course: Mastering Minimally Invasive Techniques will be held at the Mayfield Surgical Innovation Center, Cincinnati, Ohio between June 6-8, 2019.

MHSI’s own Mick Perez-Cruet, MD, MS, leads the Society and is joined by neurosurgeons from around the country. Coming together, surgeons to learn from each other, enhance and advance minimally invasive surgical techniques improves the patient’s surgical experience and supports surgeons to expand the scope of their practice.

Michigan Head & Spine Institute neurosurgeons who will teach and present are:

Fernando Diaz, MD, PhD

  • Use of Robotics

Jeffrey Jacob, MD

  • Endoscopic Pituitary Approaches: A Neurosurgeon’s Perspective
  • Endoscopic Posterior Fossa Cranial Approaches

Tejpaul Pannu, MD

  • Posterior Interspinous Process Spacers

Mick Perez-Cruet, MD, MS

  • Posterior Lumbar MIS Approaches
  • Thoracic MIS Approaches


Registration is open until June 1, 2019

The program/agenda is available.

Target Audience: Practicing neurosurgeons, orthopedic spine surgeons, otolaryngologists, fellows, residents and physician assistants.





Congratulations to Ascension St. John Hospital for achieving a two-year certification as a Comprehensive Stroke Center, after successfully completing The Joint Commission Stroke Center survey.  Richard Fessler, M.D., MHSI Neurosurgeon and Chief of Surgery at Ascension St. John Hospital, has long been a leader in stroke care and continues to treat the most complex cases, as well as teach other physicians and residents.

To be commended for their efforts are the Stoke Team In addition to Dr. Fessler, Ascension St. John Hospital’s Stroke Team leaders include: Dr. Paul Cullis, Chief of Neurology, Makenzie Thimm, Nurse Practitioner and Stroke Coordinator, Dr. Robert Dunn, Vice Chief of Emergency Medicine.

The announcement was featured in Ascension St. John Hospital Today magazine.




Welcome Dr. Haber

November 20, 2018 0

Meet David Haber, D.O.  He is a board-certified Anesthesiologist, and specializes in pain management.  He uses a combination of non-surgical care, interventional and non-interventional treatments to manage pain for patients with spinal, extremity, musculoskeletal and neurologic disorders and injuries.

Dr. Haber’s specialties include:

• Neck and back pain
• Spine and disc disease
• Spine and disc disease
• Sciatica
• Neuropathy
• Epidural steroid injections
• Nerve blocks and injections

Dr. Haber is accepting new patients.   Call to make your appointment today:  (877) 784-3667


Michigan Head & Spine Institute (MHSI) is pleased to announce its newest location at McLaren Oakland in Pontiac. As the largest neurosurgical practice in southeastern Michigan, MHSI’s neurosurgical team brings experience and expertise in treating all areas of brain, neck and spine for adults and children; from stroke, aneurysms, brain tumors, tremors, disc herniation, nerve damage, to spinal injury and many other neurosurgical conditions.

This expertise extends to creating, enhancing and teaching other doctors neurosurgical procedures like minimally invasive surgical techniques.  In addition to general and minimally invasive neurosurgical techniques, each brings a unique specialty:

  • Daniel Fahim, M.D., specializes in treating brain tumors, complex spine issues and minimally invasive procedures.
  • Holly Gilmer, M.D., specializes in pediatric neurosurgery and is nationally renowned for treating Chiari Malformation.
  • Jeffrey Jacob, M.D., specializes in craniofacial and skull base procedures  for treating brain tumors and aneurysms.
  • Robert Johnson, II, M.D., specializes in neurotrauma/traumatic brain injury and complex spine, including cervical and lumbar conditions.
  • Kevin Lee, M.D., specializes in spinal endoscopy and pain management, including injections and spinal cord stimulation procedures.
  • Todd Nida, M.D., specializes in traumatic brain injury and complex spine and cervical treatments.
  • Pradeep Setty, D.O., specializes in endoscopic skull based procedures for treating brain tumors and aneurysms.

Robert Johnson, II, M.D., president of Michigan Head & Spine Institute says, “Bringing Michigan Head & Spine Institute to McLaren Oakland patients in the northern Oakland County increases access to the best possible emergency neurosurgical care whether it be from a sudden onset situation like a stroke, an auto or home accident.”

“McLaren Oakland strives to provide its patients the best care possible; this high caliber group of neurosurgeons not only cover emergency cases, but expands our ability to provide elective neurosurgery care to patients in our community who suffer from neurological conditions, explains Margaret Dimond, president and CEO, McLaren Oakland.

Michigan Head & Spine Institute (MHSI) is the largest neurosurgical practice in southeast Michigan, on staff at nearly every health system, with 10 locations in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties. MHSI currently has 34 physicians and advance practice clinicians, many of whom are nationally renowned for their research and expertise in minimally invasive surgical procedures, complex neck and spine conditions and Chiari malformation.

For more information about Michigan Head & Spine Institute visit



Congratulations to MHSI neurosurgeons and physiatrists named again in 2018 as leaders in their field.  Each year, HOUR Detroit magazine solicits opinions from area physicians about who should be selected for this list of  TOP DOCS to share with their readers.  Each year, MHSI neurosurgeons and physiatrists make the list.

Seated: Daniel Michael, M.D., Tejpaul Pannu, M.D., Karl Frydel, D.O.

Standing:  Fernando Diaz, M.D., Fredrick Junn, MD, Holly Gilmer, M.D.,  Robert Johnson, M.D., Natalia Glisky, M.D., Henry Tong, M.D., and Richard Fessler, M.D.

Back Standing:  Daniel Fahim, M.D. and John Marshall, M.D.

Not Pictured:  Mick Perez-Cruet, M.D.

To schedule an appointment with an MHSI TOP DOC, please call (877) 784-3667.


Nicholas Lorenz is a certified physician assistant and specializes in neurosurgery. He has extensive clinical experience in trauma, medical and surgical care.

Working along side of  Dr. Pradeep Setty, D.O., Nicholas is trained to perform comprehensive physical exams, to order and interpret diagnostic testing, formulate patient diagnoses and create treatment plans, including medication management.

Nicholas also assists Dr. Setty in the operating room and sees patients in the Pontiac and Royal Oak offices.