Tips to Make Paying Your Bill Smoother

December 4, 2015

Patients frequently have many questions regarding insurance coverage and billing. Because each person’s insurance coverage is different, we’ve asked Melissa Riemer, billing department manager, for a few general tips to help patient’s better understand their bills:

  1. When reviewing the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance carrier, match it up to the bill or receipt for same date of service. Doing so will ensure the EOB is addressing the service provided, thus reducing confusion about the service.
  2. If you know your copays and deductibles, the bill will make more sense and you’ll know what to expect will be your portion of payment in advance and then when receiving the bill.
  3. Understanding when your specific insurance requires an authorization or a physician referral prevents appointments needing to be rescheduled. By the time you receive the bill, the insurance company has already approved the visit or procedure reducing phone calls back to the insurance company.
  4. To prevent bills from aging and causing debt issues for our patients, when you pay a bill that sum is applied to the oldest service date first. This keeps your account in a more current status.
  5. If you should you have difficulty paying your balance, don’t ignore the invoice. Contact the Billing Department at 248-869-3981 sooner than later. By doing so it is easier to set up a payment plans that work for everyone.

Just like you, the Billing staff does its best to keep up with changes to your current insurance policies, coverages and payment plans. As a patient, it is important you know what your policy covers, including copays and deductibles, this helps prevents the anxiety of unexpected financial obligations.