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Dr.Harold and Lynne Portnoy

On behalf of Michigan Head & Spine Institute we would like to congratulate Dr. Harold and Lynne Portnoy for their hard work and for receiving the 2012 Mercy Legacy Award for their many years of service to St. Joseph Mercy Oakland and their volunteerism throughout the community.

Congratulations to MHSI’s doctors named ‘Top Docs’ in the October issue of HOUR Detroit.  Each year the publishers of HOUR Detroit provide area doctors an opportunity to select the doctors they consider to be ‘Top Docs’.  The doctors receiving the greatest number of nominations from their peers are then listed in the magazine as being among their colleagues.  

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For Neurological surgery, Doctors Fernando Diaz, Richard Fessler and Daniel Pieper were named, for Pediatric-Neurosurgery was
Dr. Holly Gilmer

When choosing a neurosurgeon, knowing that other doctors in their field recommended MHSI’s ‘Top Docs’ is an honor and shares with patients what the doctors already know.

Holly Gilmer MD

Myelomeningocele is a birth defect that occurs when the vertebrae do not fully form and remain open allowing the spinal cord to protrude. The condition is also known as a type of spina bifida. Exposure of the spinal cord leads to varying degrees of sensory damage, incontinence, disability and weakness.

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A new generation of devices coming to Michigan hospitals could significantly improve care for patients who have some of the most devastating types of strokes. 


Mick J. Perez-Cruet  has known for a long time that using a patient's own bone tissue for fusion and reconstructive surgery procedures is best for the patient and the surgeon.

Called the BoneBac press, MI4Spine LLC and its partner, Traverse City-based Thompson Surgical, introduced it to the market in November 2010. It is being used in 10 hospitals, including William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, where Perez-Cruet has worked for roughly seven years.So with that in mind, the neurosurgeon came up with a device that enables surgeons to collect bone tissue and recycle it in the patient's body.

Recently, the companies received FDA approval for a new product — the inner body fusion device — which is part of the BoneBac system and allows for the performance of minimally invasive spinal fusion, said Perez-Cruet, CEO and president of MI4Spine LLC.

The device brought cost savings in its first year at Beaumont. An estimated $500,000 to $1 million was saved by using patients' bone tissue rather than artificial bone graft substances or cadaver bones, which can cost as much as $2,000 for five cubic centimeters, or one teaspoon.

"One of my big goals with starting this company was to help surgeons do these procedures more easily," Perez-Cruet said. "Using the BoneBac helps patients better tolerate the procedure and shortens their hospital stay, helping them get back to their functioning lives."


Read the full article at Crain's Detroit Business

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