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iStock 000020409388SmallAre you looking for an easy way to schedule an appointment with a specialist with the Michigan Head & Spine Institute (MHSI)? Maybe you want a quick and easy way to fill or refill your prescriptions? The MHSI website is easy to navigate and allows you to do all of this, and more. Just visit from your computer or mobile phone and get in touch!

If you need someone from MHSI to get in touch with you, you’ll receive a response within one business day. How’s that for fast! And your personal information is safe and secure – we’ll never sell your email address and will always maintain your privacy.

Maybe you just want to educate yourself on spine condition or the latest treatments? Just visit the education library on the MHSI website, where you can view videos and read the latest news in the neurology field.

EXPERTISE makes the difference

Current patients can now request to schedule or change an appointment through the patient portal and request prescription refills.