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MHSI is the largest, most experienced group of physicians in Southeast Michigan dedicated to treating patients with disorders of the head and spine. We provide the entire continuum of care for head and spine conditions.  From physiatrists and neuropsychologists who treat patients with non-surgical interventions to neurosurgeons skilled in the most delicate brain and spine surgery. Why travel from office to office when MHSI provides the full spectrum of head and spine care.

Republished from the Grosse Pointe News (Written by GPN Staff – March 19, 2020) 5:30 a.m. David Wegener made his first cup of coffee. Then strange things started happening. He dropped his cup on his desk. He tried to send a text, but couldn’t quite hit the letters. He told his wife he might need […]

For the last few weeks, MHSI physicians have been treating many of our current patients using TeleHealth virtual visits. We are pleased to announce that we are expanding virtual visits to new patients beginning immediately. For those who need to be treated in the office, as always, we follow CDC guidelines for safety and cleanliness. […]

Postponing non-emergent surgeries due to the COVID-19 Pandemic reduced Michigan Head & Spine Institute (MHSI) neurosurgery procedures by 95%.  The impact on patients, employees and the neurosurgeons were many, and meeting the challenge to continue to treat patients was achieved with these swift actions: Neurosurgeon partners and administrators took a 45% pay cut. This ensured […]

As a community, we face the challenge of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We want to assure you that our teams at MHSI and Premier MRI | CT | X-Ray continue to be committed to maintaining a clean and safe environment – for you and for us. As always, we follow strict protocols […]

  Michigan Head & Spine Institute (MHSI) is pleased to announce it has added another non-surgical option to improve patient’s ability to function, it’s called Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Robert Farhat, one of our physiatrists, has been named director of new Center for Regenerative Medicine at MHSI. Regenerative Medicine or as you may have also heard […]