Being On-Call Changes Lives

June 13, 2018

On any given day in metro Detroit, a MHSI neurosurgeon can be found treating an ill and critically injured patient in a local emergency department.  It could be a serious injury that caused brain trauma, crushed vertebra in the neck or spine, a brain hemorrhage, a concussion from an injury while playing a sport or bike riding.  Even the weekend warrior can experience a herniated disk.

No one plans to end up in the emergency department, yet should that happen to you or a loved one, there’s no doubt you want the right doctor there to deliver the best and right care possible.

Because MHSI has one of the largest neurosurgical practices in the country, chances are that when someone suffers a brain or spine injury, or is at the brink of death, an MHSI neurosurgeon is on-call in nearly every emergency department in southeast Michigan, to help an injured person through the worst day of their life.

These patients shared their stories of injury and recovery :

Rose and Sal were savagely beaten and near death when they arrived in the emergency department at Botsford Hospital (now Beaumont- Farmington Hills), where Dr. Daniel Fahim began their life saving care, and Dr. Holly Gilmer continued their treatment of recovery.

David was out for his typical bike ride through Hines Park, when a stopped car began to turn, he hit it and flew over the car. His injuries could have led to not being able to walk.  He met Dr. Daniel Fahim at Botsford Hospital (now Beaumont- Farmington Hills).

Rick and his wife were enjoying a game of tennis with their friends when Rick ran to return a shot, but he got wrapped up in the court’s curtain, fell and hit his head. He woke up in the emergency department at St. Joseph Mercy-Oakland where Dr. Todd Nida performed emergency surgery.

Josh was riding his prized motorcycle when a minivan turned in front of him, laying in the street he wasn’t sure just how injured he was, then he met Dr. Tejpaul Pannu in the Emergency Department at Beaumont-Dearborn.