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The entire Michigan Head & Spine Institute family mourns the passing of Daniel Pieper (50) on Saturday, May 2, 2015, following an illness. If the value of a man's life is measured by the impact made on the lives of others, Daniel Pieper's value is immeasurable.

His professional roles included Neurosurgeon, Michigan Head & Spine Institute, Clinical Professor of Surgery and Director of the Neurosurgery Training Program, Michigan State University; Residency Program Director and Chief of Skullbase Surgery, Beaumont Hospitals; Neurosurgery Director, William Beaumont; Gamma Knife Neuroscience Director, Providence Hospital; Professor of Neurosurgery, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine.

A resident of Bloomfield Hills, he leaves behind his wife Donna, his children Stephanie, Lindsey, Brett, John Paul, and Michelle. His family is the ultimate legacy, the loving husband and father.

His fellow physicians at Michigan Head and Spine Institute, the staff he worked closely with for several decades and colleagues throughout Beaumont Hospital and St. John Providence Health System grieve at the loss of a friend. Dr. Perez-Cruet, on behalf of these colleagues shares, "Dan will forever be in our hearts and on our minds – he's made an indelible mark on each of us personally and professionally. He was an extraordinary neurosurgeon, husband, father and friend."

As many of his colleagues share, he was an outstanding neurosurgeon who positively changed the lives of his patients. He was one of a very few of neurosurgeons in the United States who through his expertise for treating peculiar and complicated brain tumors, created techniques and developed instruments he used to treat these difficult tumors. He's left a legacy of medical expertise to his students and fellow neurosurgeons.

Over the last few months of Dr. Pieper's life, many patients expressed their concern and shared how Dr. Pieper changed their lives and for some saved their lives when other doctors were unable to help. To his patients, we know he would thank you for your concern and place you in the hands of his capable colleagues. He's left a legacy of caring, compassion and was the giver of lives back to patients and their families.

Dr. Pieper also changed the lives of many individuals in foreign countries, particularly the mission trips to the Davao City, Mindanoa, in the southern Philippines. Judith Hack, his long-time nurse and co-pilot on these trips shares there was a great need for neurosurgical/craniofacial assistance for the repair of Meningioencephaloceles, which is a congenital facial anomaly. Dr. Pieper donated his time and skills so that these patients would not be forced to live with severe facial disfigurement.

Each year, as the word got out that there was hope for their future in the hands of an American doctor, more and more of the local people would travel many miles, often times on foot from the mountains, just to have the opportunity to be evaluated and hopefully be considered for surgical repair of their disfigurement. For five years, Dr. Dan Pieper would take the time out of his busy work and family schedule to travel across the continent to help people who otherwise would have no hope for a better life. pieper

Dr. Pieper took his dedication a step further and developed a strong friendship with the local physician staff, and provided them with support and help on cases when asked. He shared his knowledge and expertise and even did the first endoscopic transphenoidal hypophysectomy (removal of a pituitary tumor using an endoscope) guiding the local neurosurgeon. The gratitude and love for Dr. Pieper by the staff in Davao has been expressed on many occasions. When they learned that he was sick, a prayer group was initiated for him. When they learned that he would be unable to return to the Phillippines they got together and made Dr. Pieper a plaque expressing their deep and everlasting appreciation and love for all he has given them.

He's left a legacy of compassion for those who would never have had the opportunity to improve their lives without his skill and sacrifice.

A final wish from Dr. Pieper came in the establishment of a fund to help others. A Dedication Wall was created in his honor in Beaumont Hospital's Neuroscience Building. The funds donated to the Daniel Pieper, M.D. Foundation will go to the charities he chose. To support the Daniel R. Pieper Skull Base Foundation, call the Beaumont Foundation at 248-551-5330 or donate online, be sure to select the Daniel R. Pieper, M.D. Fund for Skull Base and Radiosurgery.

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