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Summer 2015

Older Couple Jogging webAre you a weekend warrior? With spring in full swing and summer fast approaching, many are anxious to hit the links, court, trails, lake and their own back yard. Remembering to take care of your back will help you continue to enjoy these activities all season long.

Whether your favorite activities consist of golf, running, bicycling, water sports or even yard work, it’s important to warm up. “A short 5 minute warm up can help stretch muscles that have not been stretched. Stretching before an activity generally reduces stress on the back muscles”, according to John Marshall, M.D., physiatrist at Michigan Head & Spine Institute. A warm up can consist of doing cardiovascular activities – such as walking or a light jog, or stretching the muscles that will be used during your chosen activity, before you begin. It’s always a good idea, when golfing or playing tennis, to take some practice swings to warm up those muscles that will be used during the activity.

Medical Bill webPatients frequently have many questions regarding insurance coverage and billing. Because each person’s insurance coverage is different, we’ve asked Melissa Riemer, billing department manager, for a few general tips to help patient’s better understand their bills:

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