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Southfield, MI— The Detroit-area is nationally lauded for many things—automobiles, music, and sports teams just to name a few.  However, for one special Arizona family, the first thing that will forever come to mind whenever they think of Detroit is world-class pediatric neurosurgery. 

In 2013 at age one, a courageous and free-spirited little girl from Arizona named Zion was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation (CM), Type 1 (a brain abnormality that causes the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls coordination and muscle movement, to cut into the space normally used by the spinal cord, causing pressure on the brain stem and blocking flow of cerebrospinal fluid to the brain). 

Dr. Robert Johnson, Chief of Neurosurgery for DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital, and Michigan Head & Spine Institute, brings hope to those with difficult to treat conditions of the spine. Using the O-Arm Multi-Dimesional Imaging system has proven to be the best option for those patietns who don't qualify for conventional back surgeries. This state-of-the-art procedure has been used for lumbar, cervical and thoracic spine conditions and has resulted in unprecedented accuracy in the operating room, which helps to maintain quality of life - get back to the things you love to do.    

Mick J. Perez Cruet is featured in Neurosurgery Market Watch, speaking about "Exploring Avenues for Innovation and Collaboration".

Neurosurgery Market Watch is published quarterly by Harlequin Recruiting in Denver, Colorado, as a service for neurosurgeons and candidates seeking new opportunities.  

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Mary Ann Jarrett of St. Clair Shores didn’t have a voice for three months and struggled to eat for two. However, after having her tongue sliced in half and her face split open to remove a cancerous tumor, she said the most important thing was she was alive.

"The thought of it was absolutely devastating," Jarrett said. "I was petrified about being disfigured and not being able to eat normally. Those were my two biggest fears other than the fear of not surviving it, but at that point I really wanted to live. If I didn't have surgery I was going to die."

Diaz Fernando MDFernando Diaz, M.D. has been named in U.S. News' Top Doctors. U.S. News Top Doctors help consumers find the doctors who can best address their needs. Doctors are nominated by other doctors and reviewed by Castle Connolly's Top Doctors physician-led research team to validate each physician.

Top doctors are identified by location and by hospital affiliation, across a wide range of specialties and subspecialties and for over 2,000 diseases, medical issues, and procedures.

The method of nomination enlists the knowledge of doctors across the country in sharing their awareness of who among their peers are the most worthy of referral. Their collective wisdom, available at, will contribute to a growing knowledge base that extends and complements doctors' longstanding tradition of seeking recommendations from a convenient sample of their trusted colleagues.

U.S. News Top Doctors was developed in collaboration with Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., publisher of America's Top Doctors® and other guides.
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