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perez cruet17webNeurosurgery specialists perform minimally invasive back surgery for disorders of the upper, middle and lower spine as well as for spinal fusion in these same areas. Some of the conditions relieved by minimally invasive spine surgery include: sciatica, bulging (herniated) disc and spinal stenosis.

When performing minimally invasive spine surgery, the neurosurgeon makes several small incisions, one to insert a “scope” that enables him to see inside the body and several others for micro-instruments. He may make the incisions in the front, side or back of his patient’s body.

When considering minimally invasive back surgery, it’s important to find a neurosurgeon who has done a large number of such procedures. A larger number of surgeries usually means the neurosurgery specialist has perfected his skills.

Minimally invasive, or keyhole, surgery offers many advantages:
• Reduced need for blood transfusions during surgery
• Smaller incisions with less scarring
• Faster healing and reduced chance for infection
• Fewer complications after surgery
• Shorter hospital stay
• Faster return to regular activities

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