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There are many reasons that cause pain in the cervical (neck). A rupture or herniation of a vertebral disc which allows disc material to to be out of alignment and press against the spinal nerves in the neck. This can cause pain, and pain that radiates down to the arms and hands.

The good news is that there are several treatment options. If you are struggling with neck pain, schedule a consultation to learn if any of these options shown below or other options might reduce or resolve your neck pain.  Call (877) 784-3667 today.

First, let's explore the structure of the cervical spine:


Each patient is different, which means after discussion of your condition and options to relive your pain with your neurosurgeon, a treatment plan will be determined.  Below are examples of procedures and what our patients expereinced:

Josh received a cervical implant called a Mobi-C:


Patty received a cervical fusion:


Larry searched for a doctor who was experienced with the Mobi-C cervical implant:


Jeff received a cervical laminoplasty which expanded the space within the spinal cord:


This page is intended to be educational, but does not take the place of your physician or surgeon’s advice for your specific procedure or treatment. You should always consult with your doctor if you have questions or concerns. Call Michigan Head & Spine Institute at 877-784-3667.

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