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Tyler H.
After being diagnosed with Chiari Malformation, Tyler's mom Jennifer was advised surgery was not yet necessary. But when Tyler landed in the ER, it was time to find a Chiari specialist. She found Dr. Holly Gilmer.

Maggie M.
Maggie had headaches, trouble with swallowing, and ringing in her ears. Dr. Holly Gilmer diagnosed her with Chiari Malformation. 

UPDATE:  Maggie went on to become a fire fighter, in addition to being a college professor.

Zeke P.
Zeke had pressure behind his eyes and headaches. After being diagnosed with Chiari Malformation his mom conducted research and found Dr. Holly Gilmer. Travelling from out of state, Zeke had surgery, did well and was back home very quickly.

Tina M.
Finally the answer Tina had prayed for. After decades of misdiagnoses, excruciating pain, dizziness and near blindness a correct diagnosis of Chiari brought Tina to Dr. Holly Gilmer at Michigan Head & Spine Institute.

Lu Anna D.
Lu Anna had constant headaches. She went to multiple doctors for any sort of relief. She kept doing research which brought her to Dr. Holly Gilmer who diagnosed her with Chiari Malformationn 

Shenna and Tammy
Tammy, diagnosed with Chiari Malformation, recognized her mother Sheena had the same symptoms during her first visit with Dr. Holly Gilmer.  They both had Chiari malformation decompression surgery and both recovered from constant severe headaches and dizziness.

Amy S. 
Amy is a teacher she would have headaches and fought to stay awake. She had been diagnosed with Chiari Malformation eight years before she met Dr. Holly Gilmer.  Amy was able to return to her classroom and her ability to sleep returned. 


Ezra, Katelyn and Mom.
Two years earlier … Kate was first to be diagnosed with Chiari, then Ezra. Mindy and Jeremy began a journey to heal their kids that led to Dr. Holly Gilmer in Southfield.

Update:  Both children are doing well, happy and healthy.

Zion D.
Zion traveled from Arizona to Michigan to have Dr. Holly Gilmer conduct surgery for her Chiari Malformation.

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