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Spine Videos

Tom D.
Decades of hard work and a failed spine surgery brought Tom to Dr. Richard Fessler. Barely able to walk with cold hands and feet, Tom's symptoms were immediately relieved when the pressure was removed from the spinal cord in two areas in his back and neck.

Joshua B.
When Josh's motorcycle collided with a mini van, he landed in the ER where he met Dr. Tejpaul Pannu of Michigan Head & Spine Institute. The accident caused herniations in cervical discs, which were replaced with a Mobi-C artificial disc.

Walter C.
Walter's back pain was determined to be from disc deterioration, but is was not bad enough for surgery. Instead Dr. Henry Tong performed spinal injections along with physical therapy to strengthen his back. Walter is back to enjoying his retirement!

Diane M.
For 15 years Diane experienced chronic back pain, struggling to make it through a work day, to ride in the car, and to stand in her own kitchen for more than a few minutes. After a simple outpatient procedure by Dr. Ingrid Chua-Manalo she is back on her feet once again.

Cindy W.
When Cindy was younger she collided with another person playing softball. After several back surgeries she was still in pain. Then she was referred to Dr. Daniel Fahim she had minimally invasive surgery to relieve the pain.  He removed all the "parts" from previous surgeries and Cindy's brother made a car from them.

John U. 
John had a spinal surgery 25 years ago and was once again experiencing pain. His daughter insisted he see Dr. Mick Perez-Cruet.  Following his surgery, John is back to tending to his horse farm.



Corine S.
Corine was active, playing soccer and strength training. The chronic back pain extended down into her legs. She had been to Michigan Head and Spine when her husband need help and appreciated that  Dr. Mick Perez-Cruet helped him, so why not her too!

Darell H. 
A vacation with his family came to an abrupt halt when Darell began to experience unbearable pain in his left leg. The pain he experienced was caused by arthritis and nerve compression in his lumbar spine. Dr. Daniel Fahim performed a one-hour minimally invasive procedure offered the relief Darryl needed.

Earline H.
Earline was a bus driver, her legs and back hurt at night. She went to see Dr. Daniel Fahim she had minimally invasive spinal surgery.

Deanna P.
An athletic, active mom Deanna was stopped in her tracks. A vertebra slipped causing great pain and difficulty walking. Deanna's primary care doctor knew immediately she needed the help of Dr. Perez-Cruet.

Peggy W.
Peggy had shooting pain from her back to the back of her legs. She had tried physical therapy, injections and chiropractor visits. Dr. Daniel Fahim performed minimally invasive operation on the specific areas of the compression of the nerves.

Tyler B and Trish.
Tyler had back pain, leg pain and had urinary accidents from a young age of 3 years old. Dr. Holly Gilmer diagnosed Tyler with a Tethered Spinal Cord.

Gerry M.
Gerry has been dancing the Argentine Tango for most of his life, but last year severe arthritis of the spine brought his dance career to a halt. After countless non surgical therapies Gerry knew it was time to get his neck and back pain evaluated. After the initial evaluation Dr. Goldberger saw degeneration of the spine which happens over time. Gerry Before surgery he wondered if he'd ever tango again, but after surgery at 81-years old Gerry is now pain free and dancing once more. To learn more about MHSI and Dr. Goldberger visit:

Penny P.
Penny is a very active person. She noticed that she would get pain in her leg and back. Dr. John Marshall decided to do epidural injections into her herniated disc.

Nancy B.
Nancy was a passionate teacher that was having a hard time standing and even walking. Dr. Todd Nida performed a minimally invasive surgery.

George K.
A successful two level minimally invasive laminectomy performed by Dr. Daniel Fahim, eliminated George's severe sciatic pain in his lower back and hip.

Jeff T.
After visits with several doctors, the cause of Jeff's debilitating pain was finally diagnosed, thanks to Dr. Robert Farhat and Dr. Richard Veyma now his life is on reboot.

Roy G.
After an auto accident Roy had a lot of neck and back pain. Dr. Daniel Fahim performed surgery and now Roy is pain free.

Charlton W.
A pinched nerve in Charlton's back caused pain down his leg.  After a tough night on stage, he knew he needed relief from the pain.  After Dr. Daniel Fahim performed an outpatient, minimally invasive Laminotomoy relieved the pressure, he was back to dancing on stage.

Stevie C.
Stevie was having issues with her balance and pain in her side. She was sent to see Dr. Daniel Fahim to evaluate her Cervical Myelopathy.

Cenia F.
After a car accident she had neck and lower back pain and treated it with physical therapy. She wasn't getting any relief so she was referred to Dr. Miguel Lis-Planells at Michigan Head and Spine.

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