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Welcome to Michigan Head & Spine Institute
Take a tour of MHSI with Janet McCafferty, patient/physician liaison director. Learn what to expect on your first visit. Click the photo to view video.
As a busy nurse, student, and mother of five,
Heather assumed that the lack of energy she was experiencing could be attributed to her demanding schedule. She didn't know that her symptoms were being caused by a life-threatening brain aneurysm. Click the photo to see Heather's story.
The diagnosis of Glioblastoma
knocked the wind out of Pam, Paul and their family. Dr. Daniel Michael removed the brain mass five days later. Pam sings the praises of her doctor--she beat the odds. To see Pam’s story, click the photo.
Dave's daily bike ride
was cut short when he was hit by an oncoming vehicle and fractured his spine. At the time of his emergency surgery, Dave and his family didn't know if he would ever walk again - today, he is still an avid rider. To see Dave's story, click the photo.
Gerry has been dancing the Argentine Tango
for most of his life, but last year severe arthritis of the spine brought his dance career to a halt. Before surgery he wondered if he'd ever get to tango again, but at 81 years old Gerry is now pain free and is dancing once more. To see Gerry's story, click the photo.
Paul spent his career caring for patients
as an ER nurse, but when crippling back pain made even the simplest daily tasks seem impossible, it was his turn to be the patient. Following surgery, Paul is now pain free. To see Paul's story, click the photo.
Expertise Makes the Difference

Patient Stories

Learn more about diseases and conditions of the neck and spine in our video library.


Read the latest research studies conducted by MHSI doctors and how it impacts patient care.

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Physiatrists and Neurosurgeons provide comprehensive care for the neck, spine and brain.

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