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Welcome to Michigan Head & Spine Institute
Take a tour of MHSI with Janet McCafferty, patient/physician liaison director. Learn what to expect on your first visit. Click the photo to view video.
Throughout the fifteen years,
that she experienced chronic back pain, Diane struggled to make it through a work day, to ride in the car, and to stand in her own kitchen for more than a few minutes. After a simple outpatient procedure she is back on her feet once again. Click to see Diane’s story.
After sixteen years as a bus driver
for the Southfield school district, back and leg pain took Earline out of the driver's seat. After a successful surgery with Dr. Fahim of the Michigan Head & Spine Institute, she is back to doing what she loves. Click to see Earline's story.
When Tyler was a small child,
frequent bathroom accidents became a frustrating part of daily life. His mother persisted and eventually found the answer to this puzzling problem with the help of Dr. Holly Gilmer at the MHSI. Since his surgery, Tyler is happy, healthy and accident-free! Click to see Tyler's story.
Unexplained vision impairment
began to affect Kim's work and daily life, and when doctors discovered a tumor pressing against her optic nerve she was rushed into emergency surgery. Dr. Fahim successfully removed the tumor, and her vision was fully restored. Click to see Kim's story.
Expertise Makes the Difference

Patient Stories

Learn more about diseases and conditions of the neck and spine in our video library.


Read the latest research studies conducted by MHSI doctors and how it impacts patient care.

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Physiatrists and Neurosurgeons provide comprehensive care for the neck, spine and brain.

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